Everybody has cancer. Literally.
And yes, most oncologists wouldnt even do chemo. It only helps with a few kinds of cancers.
And yes, the government and institutions are being unethically influenced. That sort of thing has been going on forever.
But I don’t think we are victims of cancer per se. Rather, we are part of the problem. To me, cancer is simply the physical manifestation of toxic imbalance in our bodies, psyches, souls, environments and world.
It can be healed by working on these different aspects of life as a human. It is a wakeup call. It is the canary in the mine. It is simply cause and effect.
It’s not about THEM except in the way that we are them. If we choose to evolve as individuals and inherently as a society (by caring for the aina, being educated, active voters, spending consciously and doing all the other things we already know we should be doing), cancer will not be such an epidemic.

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Healing Cancer Without S, R, or Ch