There are something like three chapters dedicated to Protocel in the book Outsmart Your Cancer.

Protocel Distributors:

RE: my great aunt:
I feel the Protocel treatments are beginning to work.  Thank goodness after only one month and one week.
I don’t know if I told you I started myself on the “Protocel” treatment from the book you so thoughtfully and generously sent to me.  I have more confidence in it so far and do notice it working.  The one sentence in the chapter on Protocel claims that as far as anyone knows, there is no known type of malignant cancer that Protocel will not work on at all.  I am using Formula 50 and they recommend Formula 23 for breast cancer.  You can order either one from distributors listed in the book.  I ordered from the one in Ohio since it is closer to me. They also list one in South Carolina and Australia.  The cost is a lot cheaper than what you paid in Germany.  I paid $235.50 for a three-month supply.  The only problem I have is keeping track of the times I must take a dose which must be four times a day and no more than six hours apart so I chose the hours 5:00 a.m., ll:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. & ll:00 p.m.   I first started a couple weeks ago using 6, 12, 6, 12.  due to conflict in chores.  I plan to wait at least six months before having a scan.  The book claims you may see a decrease in size of tumor by the fourth month but I don’t want any more radiation in my body than I can help–got too much over the years with annual, unnecessary mammograms.
I feel much better since taking Protocel and still have some aches and pains off and on and guess that is to be expected since I am only in my third month of treatment.  I have never consumed so much water in my life as I am since taking Protocel.  They advise at least eight glasses a day or more and only distilled–no chlorinated water which is what I get from the faucet.  I buy  four or five gallons of distilled water every five or six days.  It only costs 89 cents a gallon.  One woman on Protocel drank a gallon of water a day to flush out all her cancer and cured herself in five months!  I can not possibly drink that much in a day.

In a recent phone conversation, she raved about it and also said the lump in her breast had disappeared.

There is a book mentioned at the end of the chapters on Protocel  called “The Breast Stays Put: No chemo–No Radiation–No lumpectomy–NoThank You” .  Xylon Press 2008 by Pamela Hoeppner

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