Cancer Clinics

US Indiana

Hanau Clinic

160 Sagamore Pkwy

West Lafayette, Indiana 47906 (765) 464-1545

The Hanau Clinic in West Lafayette, Indiana at (765) 464-1545  has a clinical trial that puts clients on an IV consisting of a patented and concentrated mixture of cayenne and EGCG (the active component in green tea). The cost for the IV is $10,000/day. The patient stays on the IV 24/7 until the Oncoblot tests come back negative (usually 7-10 days if tumors are present). The Oncoblot test (a blood test can detect as few as 2 million cancer cells or less). This is the therapy I would have got if I had the money. Because time is money! I know of nothing else that is purported to respond so quickly. After, they put clients on a sublingual tablet to be safe. A friend had great results from the sublingual tablet alone after mainstream medicine gave up on him.

Reno Integrative Clinic


German Cancer Clinics

Klink Marinus am Steim


Dr. Weber employs hyperthermia, mistletoe, and Profact. He also uses ozone, oxygen, vitamin C. is a source of cancer clinics in Germany

Mexican Cancer Clinics

Are a closer and generally more affordable option than German clinics.

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